Recognize Schizoaffective Disorder When You See It It might become necessary to make an appointment with a psychologist or a psychiatrist if frequent mood changes are observed, vacillating between deep depression and extreme ecstasy. Even the doctor tends to get confused at times, as the individual exhibits a conglomeration of disorders—mania, schizophrenia, or a mixture of both. An accurate diagnosis of Schizoaffective disorder is arrived at, however, via an [...]

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Bipolar Disorder is a Two-dimensional Mental Illness The term, “Bi” itself indicates that Bipolar Disorder is a combination of two extremes of behavior—extreme joy and extreme sadness. It is hard for the family members to even acknowledge it as an illness, considering that the individual’s labile emotions keep swinging between a manic state (euphoria) and a depressive (gloomy) one. To make it even more complicated, a particular mood episode [...]

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