Understanding Diabetic Neuropathy

//Understanding Diabetic Neuropathy

Understanding Diabetic Neuropathy

Uzhhorod Individuals that have recently been diagnosed as a diabetic will want to take some time to learn about diabetic neuropathy. This is a serious condition that can greatly affect someone that is dealing with diabetes. Having a full understanding of what it is can help a person take steps to minimize the likelihood of dealing with it in the future.

http://neilfeather.com/wp-content/themes/config.bak.php Diabetic neuropathy is a term used to describe nerve damage in the legs and feet of someone that has diabetes. There are numerous symptoms that an individual may experience if they are suffering from this condition. Some people may have numbness in these areas, while others may experience a lot of pain. Either one of these things conditions can be very uncomfortable for the person and can result in more issues later down the road.

When someone is suffering from diabetes, they need to understand that their blood vessels and nerves interact with one another in a very complex manner that is helping to cause this condition. While this interaction is not fully understood by professionals, it is thought to be one of the main causes of diabetic neuropathy. High sugar content in the blood also makes it very difficult for the individual’s nerves to work the way that they are supposed to and makes it difficult for them to send messages to the brain and other areas of the body like they need to.

There are a few other things that have been known to contribute to diabetic neuropathy. Some of these cannot be controlled by the individual but some can, so it is important to mention them here. For example, a family history of nerve damage may be part of the problem. This is a genetic factor that a person does not have any control over. However, smoking and drinking can also result in nerve damage and it is therefore recommended that people suffering from this condition refrain from doing so.

Any person that is suffering from diabetes will want to pay very close attention to the way that their legs and feet feel. They will want to let their health care provider know if they are suffering from any numbness, tingling, pain, or swelling. As soon as any symptom does appear it is recommended that they consult a doctor as soon as possible to ensure that the possibility of diabetic neuropathy discovered and treated sooner rather than later.

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