For Sponsors and CRO’s

For Sponsors and CRO’s 2019-11-05T06:58:04+00:00

Cran-Gevrier Pacific Research Partners is a clinical trials organization with two affiliated clinical outpatient centers in Garden Grove and Torrance, California, as well as inpatient centers in Long Beach and Torrance, California. Our primary areas of focus for clinical trials research is targeted at diseases of the central nervous system including Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and other psychiatric and neurological disorders. Our sites are focused on specific disease states and each has experienced psychiatrists and neurologists able to perform psychiatric and neurological clinical trials. Pacific Research Partners differs from other independent research organizations by operating clinical research sites within large provider organizations such as behavioral health, managed care plan provider sites, and in partnership with hospitals and mental health facilities. Our principal investigator specializes in major psychiatric illness.

Our staff consists of experienced study coordinators, evaluators, MD’s, and PhD professionals. Our sites have been top tier enrollers on a majority of studies conducted, and we have been commended by sponsors for our quality data.