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  • Office site located within miles of multiple medical centers
  • Site uses both central IRBs and labs
  • Multiple exam rooms with ECG machines allowing for expedited procedures
  • Refrigerated and ambient centrifuges
  • Limited and secure lab access: on-site laboratory with all lab staff IATA certified
  • Dedicated and secure temperature controlled medication facility with triple locked capabilities
  • -80 degree freezer with temperature monitoring
  • Dedicated refrigerator for research storage
  • Access to lumbar punctures
  • Access to full X-ray capabilities
  • Access to DEXA scan
  • Access to experienced research MRI/CT scan/EEG center
  • IV infusion equipped and staffed by licensed nurses
  • Epi pens on-site and medical staff trained
  • Staff trained in first aid/CPR
  • Automatic defibrillator on-site and staff trained
  • Clinical raters with minimum Masters degrees: most with PhD/MD
  • Ongoing training for staff and investigators
  • Dedicated call/outreach center
  • Secured computer database
  • Remote data entry capabilities
  • On-site data archiving with off-site capabilities
  • Daily FED-EX, DHL, and UPS pickups
  • Multiple 24-hour faxes and with dedicated lines
  • Dedicated space for CRAs with hi-speed internet and phone lines
  • Conference room that can accommodate up to 10 people and would be suitable for training sessions, meetings, etc.
  • Site located within easy access to multiple Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations
  • 10 minute drive from Oakland International Airport
  • Full-time transportation services for patients
  • Sites protected by alarm/security company
  • Quiet rooms available for patients Separate waiting area for use by patients of differing diagnosis

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